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Feeling home means everything at Solna United

The trend in design is clear. We strive to durable and high-quality features and this has been our main focus when planning Skanska's new office space, Solna United. Materials such as wood, brick, glass, and stone can create a good atmosphere and tranquillity, something that a standard patterned ceiling could easily ruin. That is why Skanska rejoiced when they found the new 'Matt White' from Rockfon, an elegant ceiling grid that satisfies the high design requirements.

In the western part of the world stress is a growing problem. Working life requires flexibility at a fast pace and, often, many of us often run around with our hearts in the throat. That is why we have worked hard to create a comfortable and "soft" atmosphere in Skanska's new office spaces - from floor to ceiling. Josefin Hjort, project manager at Skanska tells a little about the planning process:

- We wanted to create an inclusive feeling that also promotes meetings and collaboration. To succeed, everything must play together convincingly. We knew we needed a suspended ceiling but we also aimed to get away from that "checkered surface" which contrasted with the mood we wanted to create.

A ceiling design that combines both function and aesthetics

A perfect suspended ceiling grid should be able to deliver both function and aesthetics, but not "stealing the scene", it should simply complete the rooms without attracting attention. Matt White, Rockfon's matte ceiling grid, is unique of its kind because it eliminates all contrasts and reflections which are inevitable with the standard grids. Sofie Hjort explains the importance of creating an entire functioning system:

- People are becoming more and more aware of design and quality, and it's no longer possible to "cheat" with the details. They spend many hours here and we insisted on having distinct and tactile materials of high quality. You should feel at home when you work here.

Ambitious products with a focus on details

When you enter a room the ceiling designs are usually not your first notice and Rockfon's ambition is to maintain that exactly how it is. Peter Fritzon, Sales Manager at Rockfon explains:

- We are constantly working to optimize our ceiling acoustic products at all levels. In addition to being fully recyclable and located in fire class A1, 'Matt White' has a lightweight structure that minimizes reflections and keeps it clear from all angles. It is possible that the "weight of white" may seem excessive but, believe me, it makes a huge difference to the ambiance of a room. Not least during the winter months in Scandinavia.

Solna United

Gårdsvägen 9-11,
169 70 Solna,

Solna United, Arla Foods

Arkitekt:Alexis von Dönhoffj, Strategisk Arkitektur
Installatør:Rönnmarks Undertak AB
Fotograf:Ola Österling
Produkter:Rockfon Blanka®
Rockfon Systems:Rockfon® System T24 A™
Dimension:600 x 600